Content populating

A few things in the past week keeping this site moving forward:

  • Category list settled for now.
  • I’ve got some recitals published along with the pieces performed. Hey if you’re doing a recital drop me a PM and also make sure your school or wherever is publishing the works you’re playing! So many recital pages out there that just say “Jane Smith is playing a recital on Saturday” and literally that is all it says.
  • Some great performances are scheduled in for the Listening Party section.
  • Lessons are starting to populate as well.

My next step is to get some of the music tech, entrepreneurial arts, and the sound glossary rolling. Once that’s all sorted, I will probably circle back and work on an intro video.

Mostly I’m just psyched to start putting in place all the reference stuff I’ve been looking at and thinking about lately. Just getting a list of “what are the pieces people perform on their recitals” has been fun.

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