Digital Music History, Extended Technique Timber/Tone, Lauren Pierce

Quick update as the year comes to a close, here’s what’s been going on since I last posted an update:

Entrepreneurial Arts

The NYT did a little historical piece on Napster, the company that ushered in the sentiment that everything is free now. If you’re going to understand the climate of music entrepreneurialism, much of it revolves around what happened when this company launched and how industry and humans responded.

Upright Bass Lessons

Quite a few lessons hit Patternroot this week but the thing I really want to point out is Eric Daino’s paper on double bass extended technique since the 1960s. Great work, just a quick pass through the Table of Contents and you’ll want to dig in deeper.

Bass Listening Party

Lots here as always. This week I want to highlight Lauren Pierce from Austin and her version of Zigeunerweisen. A few reasons to pick this for special mention: Hey it’s a great tune and we love it, it’s played well with a fun arrangement, the video work is different from the usual static camera in a recital hall so it actually looks as fun as it sounds, and since I didn’t get anything into the music technology section this week you can admire the clever mid-side microphone arrangement in the lower right.

Double Bass Recitals and Performances

Upcoming performances include catching a Wichita Kansas broadcast of Divertimento Concertante performed by Mark Foley and Abadja Lutes performed by Greg Hamilton in Moorhead Minnesota.

It’s fun that both of these somewhat remote venues have a streaming option. So we can, for example, hear a piece for double bass and tape without having to be in Minnesota in January. Internet for the win!





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