Glière, Holloway-Nahum, Goforth, Dolphy, Funding Tips, Rehearsing with Seldis,

Welcome to 2015, time to get your double bass + new and newish music going!

Listening Party for Contrabass

Lots here as always. Here are some of the highlights:


I’m really excited about the premiere of Tan Dun’s Wolf Totem later this month. In preparation for that Dominic Seldis and Tan Dun have put out a video that shows how this double bass concerto came about and how they worked together to get it ready for performance.

We often focus on the hard skills of getting our technique together to play a piece. But the soft skills of working together are perhaps just as important. If you are a composer or a bassist wondering what it’s like to work with someone from the other side, this video gives a great view on that relationship.

Bass recital schedule

I’m always on the lookout for bass recitals that include new and newish work in the program. If you have one or know of one please let me know.

This week there are performances of:

Entrepreneurial Arts

New Music USA has given some great tips on how to apply for their music performance/recording grants. If you are working on performances or recordings of new music this organization should be very much on your radar.

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