Iggy Pop, Amplification, a ton of recitals and performances

This week I added in a great lecture by Iggy Pop on the music industry, much of it is relevant to any performer today and I hope you all find it as useful as I did. There are some positive examples and ideas of how to think about music distribution in the new “free” world of digital everything.

Also, I wrote a post on how amplification signal paths work for bass. It’s something that gets confusing all the time so I broke it down into every step of the way and which pieces of gear go where. If you’ve been considering doing something with amplification but weren’t sure how to get going,  hopefully this will help.

More recitals and concerts added  to add to the event list. As always, drop me a message if you have something going on. I want to help get the word out!

A bunch of great bass performances added to this week to the Listening Party. Also some great written posts on composer/bassist interaction and also analysis of a Hans Werner Henze piece.


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