ISB recitals, tour finances, Karr driver

Lots added in this past week.

First up, ISB 2015 conference recital programs have been added. At least those with programs. From the looks of it they could have named it International Society of Bassist and New Music Conference because most of the recitals are filled with new music. Should be a pretty amazing event.

A bunch of lessons from Michael Klinghoffer’s “Mr Karr Would You Teach Me to Drive the Double Bass?” video series have been added to the Bass Lesson list. These are great for beginners and not-beginners alike. Each one delivered in Klinghoffer’s amusing deadpan style and containing a useful exercise to gain a specific skill on the bass.

Also some thoughts on Jack Conte’s (Pomplamoose) disclosure of his tour finances. While his band is indie rock, I think there might be some worthwhile entrepreneurial lessons for classical/new music ensembles hidden in there as well.

And of course the Listening Party for Bassists just keeps going and going. This week with performances by Nenad Vasilic, Schulhoff’s Concertino for Flute,  Viola and Contrabass, and Lisa Dowling’s recital performance of Carter’s Figment III.

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