Michael Klinghoffer, Malachy Robinson, Dominic Seldis, Mic Tests

Rolling through December here at Patternroot.

First up, I found a great collection of microphone tests on bowed double bass. I’ve been recording a bunch and let me tell you, figuring this sort of thing out is not for the faint of heart!

Microphone tests with the double bass, arco

In case you’ve wondered how different microphones might effect your own recordings, have a quick listen to these bowed bass mic tests in the Music Technology section.

Michael Klinghoffer bass extravaganza

Once you’ve drained your bank account to buy that Coles mic check out more of Michael Klinghoffer’s bass lesson about practicing and also a performance video of his performance of the first movement of “Ode for Double Bass,” written for him. Klinghoffer is playing at the International Society of Bassists 2015 Conference as well so I’m getting pretty excited about that.

Malachy Robinson, Irish Bassist of new and old music

Even though Patternroot is dedicated to works written past 1900 (what the heck do we really call this stuff anyway–it’s hard to call it “new” when it’s almost as old as Simandl’s New Method but it isn’t all contemporary either, let me know if you have a good word for it), I’m also into the old stuff.

Malachy Robinson, a bassist from Ireland, goes hardcore by breaking out the violone (and there’s photos that involve a wig too!). But I’ve got him slated for a concert later this month featuring brand new compositions form the Irish Composer’s Forum.

Looks like he’s into some great music and an active player so hopefully I’ll find more from him to post in the months ahead.

Dominic Seldis to premiere Tan Dun Concerto

The album Aloha from Lydney is pretty much on repeat and I wish Seldis would re-issue it in a digital format so more people could love it as much as I do.

In the meantime, however, you can here him give the world premiere of a Tan Dun Concerto for Bass next month.

Lots to Hear in the Bass Listening Party

If you can’t make it over to Amsterdam you can listen to fun and interesting music for contrabass from the comfort of your own easy chair or futon or bus seat or whatever by tuning into the Listening Party.

This past week we’ve had Lisa Dowling doing a voice and bass-as-percussion arrangement of “The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs” and “A Flower.”

We’ve also got Matthew Kline (who must be nearing the final phase of his masters under Mark Dresser) playing in a mixed ensemble from the Fresh Inc festival, Seunghee Lee’s Quintet.

Finally, there’s some great Balkan-style pizz with some great video of bass strings in motion from Nenad Vasilic.

Catch you all next time!

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