Playing in tune in thumb position

Rx: Once you get through the transition, play in tune up into thumb position.

This video is from Geoff Chalmers’ DiscoverDoubleBass website. While he’s focused on jazz playing, the issue of playing in tune as we move up into thumb position is relevant to all of us bassists.

This video covers:

  • Go ahead and use a pencil to mark the G harmonic for the thumb harmonic
  • What part of the thumb touches the string (avoid the knuckle, avoid the nail)
  • String crossings and using the thumb to keep notes from ringing
  • Different fingering systems for thumb position
  • Angle of fingers in thumb position on bass

And that’s just the first half of this tutorial.

Geoff’s videos are all well produced and useful. If you are into jazz definitely check them out.

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