Playing in tune, album reviews, Scodanibbio, drones

There are lots of recitals happening this time of year but it seems everyone is being coy about what is on the program. Or maybe they’re cramming and hoping for the best. Who knows, but they aren’t letting us know so I’m not able to list them. Having a recital? Let me know!

However, Geoff and Lauren released a great conversation about playing bass in tune. And as part of that conversation Lauren made some excellent points about using drones and tuners to help with intonation.

Intonation is a perennial issue on bass. Our big long wavelengths get really hairy as we drift about. There are tons of ways to work on this, here’s an archive of lessons on double bass intonation here at Patternroot. Try these out and see if they help.

Also, Berio/Scodanibbio performed by bassist Mark Buchner.

Getting album reviews is the focus on the entrepreneurialist side. Get some thoughts on this and help your next recording go a little further.

Album reviews and the getting thereof

Getting music talked about is one way of growing audience. More people talking helps spread the word.

Album reviews are a large part of getting people talk. In addition, album reviews stick around awhile so they become part of a larger, longer narrative of the kind of work you do.