Jan 31 2016: a Premiere, making bows, bass & electronics, auditioning

In the week ahead we’ve got prolific bassist Scott Worthington premiering a double bass work in LA.

In the week behind I posted a video on double bass bow making by¬†JJ Augagneur, a quick brain dump of double bass (or anything really) performance ideas that aren’t recitals. some video of double bass & electronics featuring Kyle Motl, an LSO masterclass on auditioning for bass, and Upton Bass on the ever popular “how to put a bass in a car” topic.

As always: If you are doing a recital or performance with contemporary works for double bass on the program please let me know (Twitter: @patternroot or best of all, make a webpage somewhere with a headline that says something like “double bass recital insert-date-here” so everyone can find it!).

I should probably do an article in entrepreneurial arts as a how-to on making a reasonable web page for shows. So many that I find (especially at schools) where the only information is who is playing, what time, and where. It would be so much nicer to have information about the program etc. Maybe this week I’ll write something for this.


Rx: You have an audition coming up.

Here’s a lesson on playing orchestral excerpts for auditions.

Four things that matter for auditions:

  • sound
  • musicality
  • intonation
  • rhythm