How to play loud and soft, bow technique

Rx: Play with a wide difference between quiet and loud.

Klaus Stoll (in translation) presents on bowing, using orchestral examples and the German bow.

Demonstrated: Bow technique

  • extreme dynamic contrasts: for pianissimo, use the middle of the bow. For the forte sections play near the frog.
  • Play quiet spicatto by rotating the bow and using the edge of the hair.
  • Rotating towards the edge for arpeggios/string crossing figures
  • Playing quickly in the center of the bow

Start using the German Bow on double bass

Rx: You want to start using the German bow in your bass playing.

Here is a video by Seth Gamba (great last name for a bassist, right!) on how to get started with the German bow.

Notice in particular how much he focuses on curves, keeping your body shapes …

How to hold the German Bow

Rx: You want to use the German bow but haven’t tried before.

Here is a D’Addario-sponsored video on how to hold the German bow. It’s by Paul Sharpe is presented in a very straightforward way.

Watch this and you’ll be on the right track.