How hard to work for an ensemble?

Rx: Managing commitment between ensembles

Bassists are in high demand. Every ensemble in every genre pretty much needs a bass player. Once you’re outside of a major market where bass players are congregating, the need for bassists gets higher and higher.

Sometimes, it happens that too many commitments pile up. And this can have an impact on how we relate to our ensembles and groups.

Milo Fultz has written an excellent essay on the topic of being prepared for a rehearsal. Well worth checking out.

Analysis of S. Biagio 9 Agosto Ore 1207

Rx: Gain greater connection to Henze’s “S. Biagio 9 Agosto Ore 1207” 

Learning more about the music we play is a great way to develop a deeper connection to the music itself and leads, hopefully, to a better performance.

Here is an undergraduate essay on Henze’s “S. Biagio 9 Agosto Ore 1207” by Milo Fultz. In addition to the musical structures of the music, Fultz includes a brief biography of the composer and some interesting speculation on the meaning of the title.

This is a great, brief read on this work and I hope to see more of this sort of thing from Mr. Fultz and others.