Quickness: ending each note where the next note begins

Rx: Getting notes to speak clearly through quick string crossings.

The order of events for getting through a quick set of string crossings involves collapsing the actions by considering the end of each note to be the preparation for the next.

Exercise on ending each note where the next note begins. This means, the bow hand is on the:

  • right string
  • right bow plane

Variations suggested include in each of the zones on the bow.


String Crossing: Bowing with the long lever

Rx: Achieving efficient string crossings on the double bass.

Dividing the bow up into three zones— tip, middle, balance point — and working through crossing strings while maintaining the feeling of the tip of the bow.

Exercise includes playing thirds across strings using the three different zones of the bow but maintaining the feeling of the upper third bow zone. Variations include doing it on three strings and all four strings. The four string variation is pretty tough in the tip zone.

Also a string crossing exercise that uses all variations of bowing.