Chardash (Czardas) performed by Lev Weksler

This is an interesting approach, a highly edited rendition for two basses by arranger Lev Weksler. I’m not certain what exactly he’s done here. But there are obviously several takes edited together. Some of them I suspect were played slower and then sped up (rendering a somewhat more “digital” or “synthetic” sound).

I’m sure there will be some haters, but still worth hearing and thinking about.

Reinventing the Bass Duet: New Works and Different Arrangements; Kate Jones and Jessica Valls

Kate Jones and  Jessica Valls, basses

Table Top Duos W. A. Mozart

Choro Seresteiro O. Lacerda

The Flower Duet from Lakme L. Delibes

Four Preludes D. Shostakovich

 I Don’t Love Nobody arr. E. Hansen

Tangississimo D. Karp arr. J. Valls

Untitled* C. P. Chesanek

Creation F. Rabbath

*New work and World …

Andres Martin Recital

Andres Martin, Double Bass


(Jeremy Kurtz, Contrabajos de Baja California Bass Ensamble)

Solo Double Bass:

  • Rage, moto perpetuo e diabolico (Andrés Martín)

Double Bass & Piano:

  • Tristeza (Andrés Martín) – US Premiere
  • La Picosita   (Andrés Martín)
  • Concerto no.2   (Andrés Martín) – US Premiere