Collaborative Contrabass

Double Bassist Emma Sullivan presents the fourth concert of her doctoral project. The program includes:

  • duets for double bass and violin, viola and oboe by Edgar Meyer, Erkki-Sven Tüür, John Tartaglia, Andrea Clearfield, Andrew Ford and Behzad Ranjbaran.
  • Two Stepduet for viola and double bass by Catherine Milliken (world premiere)
  • Berio’s Psy for …

The 21st Century British Double Bass, Leon Bosch Double Bass

Leon Bosch, Double Bass

Sonata for Double Bass and Piano — Simon Parkin

                                   ***World Premiere***

Invocation for Double bass and Piano — Malcolm Lipkin

New work for Double Bass — Roxanna Panufnik

Sonata for Double Bass — Philip Wood

OF VAMPIRES AND VEGAS : New Music Composed and Performed by P. Kellach Waddle

P. Kellach Waddle, Double Bass

SPECIAL GUESTS : Dr. Jessica Gilliam-Valls, Double Bass; Nikki Birdsong, Piano

Vampire Trilogy #1

  • “.. I came upon vampires dancing in the cemetery.. and I joined them. ” : Caprice A la Danza for Solo bass
  • The Secrets In the Jack of Hearts’ Mirror: A …

Johnterryl Plumeri Original Works for Double Bass and Piano

Johnterryl Plumeri, Double Bass

Ewa Warykiewicz, Piano

Water From Tomorrow — Johnterryl Plumeri

Sonata No. 2 — Johnterryl Plumeri (World Premiere) 

  • Allegro
  • Andante con moto
  • Allegro Gusto
  • Across A River’s Dream — Johnterryl Plumeri

    Tears — Johnterryl Plumeri (World Premiere) 

    Winter Dream — Johnterryl Plumeri (World Premiere) 

    Reinventing the Bass Duet: New Works and Different Arrangements; Kate Jones and Jessica Valls

    Kate Jones and  Jessica Valls, basses

    Table Top Duos W. A. Mozart

    Choro Seresteiro O. Lacerda

    The Flower Duet from Lakme L. Delibes

    Four Preludes D. Shostakovich

     I Don’t Love Nobody arr. E. Hansen

    Tangississimo D. Karp arr. J. Valls

    Untitled* C. P. Chesanek

    Creation F. Rabbath

    *New work and World …

    Solo Bass Concert, Alberto Bocini

    Alberto Bocini, Double Bass

    • Tre piccoli pezzi A. Bocini
    • Nightmere after Strauss A. Bocini
    • Ballad n. 1
    • Ballad n. 3
    • Ballad n. 5
    • Variaz. su “nel cor più non mi sento” G. Bottesini/A. Bocini

    (world premiere)

    Post Crisis Reperoire for double bass, Vassilis Papavassiliou

    Vassilis Papavassilou Double Bass

    ODD COUPLE,   for solo double bass, Theodore Antoniou  (1937) world premiere 

    RAGE, Sonata for db&piano, Lisa Heffter  (1960) world premiere 

    MEDITERRANEAN  DESERT, db &piano, G.Koumentakis(1960) world premiere 

  • The grouper
  • The  fly
  • The cormoran      
  • Celebrating new works for the double bass and harp: Philip Alejo

    Philip Alejo, Double Bass

    Claire Happel, Harp

    Canción para Britta (Efraín Oscher b. 1974)

    Variaciones Concertantes (1953) (Alberto Ginastera 1916-1983)

    • Tema per Violoncello ed Arpa
    • Ripresa del Tema per Contrabasso

    Estrellita (1912) (Manuel Ponce 1882-1948)

    Sonata for Double Bass and Harp (1993) (David Anderson b. 1962)


    Poema …

    Matthew Kline: Masters Recital, Double Bass


    Too Big for the Door — Fernanda Aoki Navarro 
    imAge/imagE — Roger Reynolds
    Gliding Wind — Chinary Ung
    Inside — Kenneth Gaburo
    Capriccio Per Siegfried Palm — Krzysztof Penderecki
    Inarritu (World Premier) — John Dorhauer

    Also featuring:
    Michael Matsuno – Flute
    Kyle Adam Blair – Piano

    Matt …

    Cave: for solo double bass, live electronics, and interactive video (Jazer Giles) performed by Salvatore Macchia

    Here is a recording of the world premiere performance of Cave: for solo double bass, live electronics, and interactive video. This is a pretty heavy Max/MSP/Jitter thing. Disclaimer: I used to study with Macchia and it’s fun to hear the control he brings to a piece like this, where it could probably just as easy disintegrate into noise he keeps it musical. Fun sounding and and looking piece.

    New Music for New Instruments

    A concert pairing composers and instrument makers. Bassist Lisa Dowling is one of the performers.

    The Program:

    Whirlpool (Fjóla Evans), Builder: Merche Blasco

    Cycle Switch (Molly Herron), Builder: Andy Cavatorta

    The Loveliest and Saddest Landscape in The Word (Angélica Negrón), Builder: Nick Yulman

    Your Sympathies (Albert Behar), Builder: Andy Cavatorta

    The Equator and Dancing …