Collaboration between bassist and composer: Rota and Petracchi

Alexandre Ritter’s Doctoral thesis (DMA under the Direction of Milton Masciadri and David Haas at University of Georgia) titled “Franco Petracchi and the Divertimento Concertante per Contrabass e Orchestra by Nino Rota: A successful collaboration between composer and performer.”

It’s a doctoral thesis so get your reading glasses. If you do, you will be rewarded with the knowledge that there is a second, unpublished version of this cornerstone work for bass—some examples of which are in this thesis.

Also, you’ll learn how the piece influenced Petracchi’s pedagogical approach vice versa. This ultimately leads to the revised and yet unpublished version of Divertimento Concertante.

Interviews with Petracchi are also included.

Nino Rota Divertimento Concertante (harmonics mixed with closed notes), Masterclass with Jeff Bradetich

Rx: Learn to play Nino Rota’s Divertimento Concertante, especially the harmonics

In the course of working on this piece during a masterclass in Bogota Columbia, Bradetich discusses the following topics:

  • harmonics
  • changing speed of bow between closed note melodic gestures and harmonic melodic gestures
  • an exercise for playing closed notes and harmonic notes
  • coordination and rhythms
  • a way to sense if a new fingering might be better than a previously learned fingering
  • angle of bow in harmonics

Blake Martin: Master of Music Recital

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