Harmonics on the double bass

Rx: Playing harmonics cleanly.

Discussion of two reasons to work with harmonics early in your study:

  • building the correct shape of the hand for thumb position
  • build confidence in the higher positions

Some specific mechanical issues addressed:

  • where to put the finger when playing harmonics on upright bass
  • how to reach the high harmonics by shifting weight/posture


Nino Rota Divertimento Concertante (harmonics mixed with closed notes), Masterclass with Jeff Bradetich

Rx: Learn to play Nino Rota’s Divertimento Concertante, especially the harmonics

In the course of working on this piece during a masterclass in Bogota Columbia, Bradetich discusses the following topics:

  • harmonics
  • changing speed of bow between closed note melodic gestures and harmonic melodic gestures
  • an exercise for playing closed notes and harmonic notes
  • coordination and rhythms
  • a way to sense if a new fingering might be better than a previously learned fingering
  • angle of bow in harmonics